Devoted to the recovery, study, and preservation of new meteorite finds.

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Welcome to "Meteorites Wanted"!

Thousands of stone and iron meteorites have been found by farmers, ranchers, and other people that work close to the land.  New meteorite discoveries await the astute observer that can distinguish space rocks from their terrestrial cousins.  As a colleague once commented, meteorites are "extraterrestrial needles in a terrestrial haystack".  The objective of this website is to help you identify the "needles".


I am a geologist that hunts and studies meteorites.  I do field work that laboratory scientists don't have time for.  I am driven by the adventure of discovery...visiting places off the beaten path, meeting interesting people and (every now and then) recovering new meteorites.  Meteorite recovery is a challenging pursuit, and I can guide you through the process of distinguishing meteorites from "meteorwrongs".


I am not a meteorite dealer, and I am not seeking to earn a living from your lucky meteorite find.  If you wish to sell your specimen, I can serve as a broker to ensure that you receive the top market value.  My passions for hunting and studying meteorites depend on building working relationships with landowners, researchers, and dealers.  In the small world of meteorites, reputation is everything and I endeavor to always be helpful, straightforward, and honest.


The best way to reach me is by email: